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advertising space

In the current arms race between advertisers and adblock software-developers the domain adland.tv (also known as Adland) has been blocked by Norton for years and now many more adblockers – like FiltersetG for
example – do the same. As a result webusers are prone to email the siteowner Dabitch and tell her that the site doesn’t work – when it is in fact their adblocking software is what “deletes” the links and images. The most interesting thing about this is that major advertisers have payed themselves onto the whitelist – whereas commercial-archive can’t/won’t/doesn’t know how to. And they don’t even carry ads once you’re logged in! Ironic no?

Even more interesting is that this story hasn’t even caused a ripple among bloggers. You’d think that whole “buy your way onto the whitelist” thing would get people pissed off.

Anyway – read more about it here at commercial-archive

Giv Karakter
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