6 meninger om “Gravide Dabitch med sin biohazard tattoo”

  1. nice to get comments and sorry for loosing the other older comments, but I had some server trouble and had to revert to an older backup – which didn’t include the comments. The tattoo survived. No stretch-marks. So I guess all that cocoa-butter rubbing did help after all :)

  2. Will that that stretch or shrink once baby is outta there? Though i am loving how big it is and it looks good on you.

  3. The tattoo survived thanks to the cocoa butter (a great trick to avoid stretch-marks) and it’s back to normal size, which still is big about 20x20cm. My girlfriend – who the tattoo belongs to – thought of having it re-inked when it was stretched but thought that maybe the baby wouldn’t approve.

  4. It wasn’t just cocoa-butter, it was also birch-tree oil. Very warming and nice to rub down with when you’re feeling a bit rough (and stretched out).

  5. I bow to your SEO skills honey, when I google my username I find this as the first image hit…. It’s like I’ve been pregnant for four years! ;))

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