New Alternatives to the Major Search Engines

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Maybe you are tired of using Google, Bing or the other major search engines and directories and believe you aren’t getting all the infomation you want. So you search for alternative search engines and get the usual suspects like Altavista and Yahoo.

Forget top ten, top hundrede or top thousand list of which search engine to use. At you will find all the other cool searchengines of the world wide web. Many obscure and unknown internet searchengines I never even heard of.

Are they better than google? Depends on what kind of search you do but for the more topic specific local searches of a niche you will be better of useing one of the search engines listed at

Interesting search engines focus on a narrow niche and deliver in-depth targeted results on very specific topics. It’s like going into a specialist’s shop instead of going to the google mall. You feel at home and everythis is quant and there are smells and dust. For instance I checked out the Haiti search engines and found them very 1997-ish but they had the infomation I needed.

New Alternatives to the Major Search Engines

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