Fire it up – Camilla Lee og Cecilie Dusine | Miklas Njor

Fire it up – Camilla Lee og Cecilie Dusine

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Fire it up - Camilla Lee and Cecilie Dusine

Outside Islands Brygge House of Culture people pause while airing their evening cigarettes and take in the whirl of burning jump ropes, fire balls, fire sticks and swords, that cut through the september night, sounding like paper being torn apart under water.

”Okay, lets hear those of you who didn’t clap the firsts time” shouts the choreographer Cecilie Dusine so her headgear rattles. The artists are about to rehearse a capoeira show.

The woman behind it all, Camilla Lee, stands among the crowd and inspects the performers. During a journey through South America, for a project for Gøgler Skolen in Copenhagen, she spent a long time studying the ancient indian fire dance tradition.

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