Decision Tree (for coffee) in 7-Eleven | Miklas Njor

Decision Tree (for coffee) in 7-Eleven

Et lavt men bredt "Decision tree" på en kaffemaskine i 7-Elleven. Når jeg først ved hvilken kaffe jeg vil ha, så skal jeg kun trykke et sted for at udføre opgaven. Problemet er skiltene med mer'salg som forvirrer processen.

7-eleven decision tree coffee

A shallow but wide “Decision Tree” for a coffee machine in a 7-Eleven. When I have decided which coffee I want, I only have to press one button to complete the task. The problem is the many up-sale signs on the side of the machine which confuse the process.

Don Norman talks about the Gulf of Goals, where the user, whom we all bow to, has certain goals. It our job as creators of “the machine”, to make the Gulf as easy to cross as possible by striking a common ground with the user.

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