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WTF just happened – get help with WordPress, Photoshop and photography – #1

WTF is happening?

WordPress, Photoshop, Webdesign, Photography LifebeltIs your wordpress acting up or cracking at the seems? Photoshop giving you a hard time or maybe you just lost your photo-mojo?

Take a deep breath and don’t fret. Uncle Bob Miklas – the king of wordpress, the web and all things photography – is here to help!

Jack of all trades
As a freelancer you quickly learn to hack most things yourself. You can’t just pick up the phone and call X-department to get help. So over the years you accumulate a very large and wide amount of knowledge and this knowledge I’d like to share with you.

Daily I get questions about photography and webdesign. Instead of these answers only reaching a few people I’ve decided to open the floodgates and let you guys ask questions which I in turn will answer in blogpost the following week.

This being the first time we’ll just have to see what happens. If you are asking questions about your photographs you will have to let me use them here on the site to illustrate the solution to your problem.

Go on, hit me with your best shot
Get your long list of WordPress woes. Maybe you’re lost in Photoshops many options. Or maybe you need a quick kick to the groin to get you going down the right photographic path again?

The only thing I ask in return is a little linklove, a link from your site to mine or better yet a blogpost about how cool it was of me to save your butt.

Describe the problem thoroughly
What is it you want to achieve?
What is it you don’t understand?
What have you tried?
What is it that doesn’t work?
Link to your website or images.
A valid email address so I can contact you.
Name of the plugin/theme.
Version of WordPress/Photoshop you are using.

Use the commentfield below to ask any question about:
(Not camera-brand specific stuff)

And I’ll follow up with blogpost about your problem next week.

You’re welcome.


Run several Skype accounts simultaneously on Mac

How to run more than one version of Skype simultaneously.

Tested on OS X 10.5 Leopard PPC (should also work under OS X 10.4 Tiger and OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard (PPC and Intel))


You have several Skype accounts and want to simultaneously call from and accept calls to these different Skypeusers.

Solution (short version):

Set up an extra account on your mac. Get a copy of Peek-O-Matic


Systempreferences, Skype (more than one account), Peek-O-Matic (freeware).

Solution (long version:

1. Open Systempreferences.

2. Choose accounts.

3. Set up a new account. This will be used to run your extra Skypeaccount.

If your want to use two skypeaccounts, set up one extra user account for your mac (ex: skypeuser2). If your want to run three Skypeaccounts simultaneously, set up two extra user accounts (ex: skypeuser1 and skypeuser2)

4. Regarding user account name make sure to give it a name that reflects its a skypeaccount user.

4a. Name: ex: skypeaccount 2

4b. shortname: skypeaccount2 (name without spaces)

4c. Password: Make it easy to remember. For security reasons you should never save your user keywords in your keychain.

5. Go to Andreas Schuderer’s site and get a copy of Peek-O-Matic. It’s the second app from the top. Click the blue arrow to download the programme.

5a. It’s an appelscript that will run applikations as another user on the same computer without actually having to switch user.

5b. If you only have one extra Skypeaccount you only need to get one copy of the script. If you have more than one extra Skypeaccount get as many copies as you have extra accounts. To get more than one copy simply click the blue arrow several times. Your mac will automaticly rename/append new number to the download. I have three Skypaccounts so I downloaded two copies of Peek-O-Matic.

6. Move Peek-O-Matic from where you downloaded it too and onto your applikation folder.

7. Find Skype, place the mouse cursor above it, push down and hold, drag and drop the Skype icon onto Peek-O-Matic and let go of the mouse.

8. Click twice on Peek-O-Matic and choose the new user account you just created. Click OK.

8a. After which you choose “Ask on Launch”. It will ask for the new user account password each time. Better security.

8b. A new box dialog window appears. Read and click “Quit”. The application closes automaticly.

8c. If you have more than one account repeat steps 1 through 8 but with a new user account for each extra Skypeaccount you have. If you accidently throw the wrong programmes on top of Peek-O-Matic you can always start over ny dragging Skype on top.. There is no need to download new copies of the app.

How to fire up all accounts.

9. First you need to start the “original” version of Skype. This is important because once the “clones” are running you wont be able to launch the “original”.

10. When the “original” is running click twice on Peek-O-Matic in your app folder. It will ask you your new user account password.

Fill out the field and click OK. Skype will start to launch and you log in to Skype as you would do normally. That’s it. You should be up and running. If you have more than one extra Skypeaccount just activate the other Peek-O-Matics you’ve created.


If you find it difficult to keep track of which Peek-O-Matic is which, you can replace the Peek-O-Matic icon with the Skype icon or even better create your own in Photoshop.

To replace icons. Choose Skype app. in the app.folder. Select show info “Apple (cmd) + i” (simultaneously) and a box appears.

Do the same with Peek-O-Matic. Click the small Skype logo at the top. Press “Apple (cmd) + C” (simultaneously).

Now in Peek-O-Matic info dialogue click the Peek-O-Matic icon and press “Apple (cmd) + V” (simultaneously). Ta-da. You have a new icon.

I have my Peek-O-Matic applescripts in the dock.